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CAT - Planting Native Trees

24 Mar 2007

A small area of sloping ground at the Centre of Alternative Technology will be replanted with a mixture of native trees of local provenance.

Local provenance trees are native species, grown from seed collected in the local area. They are therefore better adapted to survive and thrive in the local conditions, particularly in the wet, exposed and challenging upland environments of Wales.

Local provenance trees also have numerous other benefits:
· They flush into leaf, flower and fruit at the ideal time to match the requirements of local wildlife; birds and insects, which rely on them for a source of food and as habitats;

·Grown in a local nursery, they safeguard local employment;

· If grown in a local nursery, there is a reduction in transport, energy expenditure and associated pollution embedded in their production.

Volunteers and participants are welcome to assist with the ground preparation and planting.

For more information, contact: Grace Crabb at CAT, Tel: 01654 705950 or e mail: grace.crabb@cat.org.uk

Centre for Alternative Technology,
SY20 9AZ.

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