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Native Tree Markets

In Wales, at present there is a large, unfulfilled demand for native trees and shrubs, grown from locally collected seed.
There is a well established demand from landowners, requiring one year-old or two-year old tree seedlings for a range of purposes:
  • Hedgerows and shelterbelts.
  • New woodland plantings.
  • Woodland management and restocking.
  • River corridor woodlands and river bank erosion control.

Native Tree Markets
There is also a growing market for larger (3+ year-old) trees potted for landscaping purposes such as:
  • Plantings of roadside verges.
  • LNG pipeline remedial landscaping.
  • For displays/hire to exhibitors at agricultural/horticultural shows and even background for movie sets.
Organisations funding such plantings (C.C.W., Forestry Commission, Environment Agency, W.A.G. Highways Directorate, etc) have moved towards recommending the use of local provenance trees as a condition of funding.
Furthermore, recent opportunities (such as Better Woodlands for Wales and the W.G.S. Native Woodland Expansion Challenge Fund have gone further in specifying the use of local provenance trees.
Finally, as the wider structure of agricultural payments is rationalised, greater emphasis is being placed on agri-environment measures, including use of local provenance planting stock.
Potential demand for local provenance, native trees and shrubs in Powys, 2003-4.*
Approximate number of trees and shrubs
Typical species required
Tir Gofal hedgerow renovation
240, 000
Hawthorn, Hazel, Blackthorn, Holly
Environmentally Sensitive Areas
52, 000
As for Tir Gofal
Woodland Grant Scheme (now Better Woodlands for Wales)
104, 000
Sessile oak, Silver and Downy birch. Ash, Hazel, Holly, etc
Forestry Commission Riverine schemes (1993-96)
120, 000
Wilow, Alder,
Forestry Enterprise restocking
175, 000
Total annual demand
691, 000
*from: Study to investigate the demand and supply of local provenance trees and shrubs in Powys by Evelyn Over. Forestry Commission Wales, September 2003.
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