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Assessment of training needs

This project began with two community meetings, held in North and South Powys. Their purpose was to outline the requirements and business opportunities of tree nursery production and to assess what kind of training and support was required.
They were attended by around 40 existing growers and others interested in starting a tree nursery. The feedback from this phase led to a number of training events.
Subsequent training

Forestry Reproductive Materials.  A Forestry Commission seminar examining legislation relating to seed collection and marketing plants.
Glynllifon Tree Nursery. A fact finding visit to an established nursery specialising in local provenance trees in Gwynedd.
Seed collection workshops. In autumn 2005, these three events held at Gilfach nature reserve and the Elan Valley Visitor Centre were attended by around 40 people interested in growing native trees from seed. They were practical workshops which equipped potential growers with some of the technical knowledge and practical skills involved in the collection, storage and treatment of tree seed which help improve seed germination.
Alice Holt research station. Alice Holt is the Forestry Commission's tree seed branch, supplying approximately 30 million seeds used annually to grow seedlings in the Forestry Commission's own tree nurseries. The aim of the visit was to look at some of the tools, techniques and equipment used to treat and store tree seed. This knowledge could then be used to improve the germination rates for seed sown in the nursery, improving production efficiency, plant quality and profitability of Powys Businesses.
Coed Llyn
On 22th March 2008, 3 Powys tree growers travelled to the north-western tip of Wales, to visit Coed Llyn local provenance tree nursery. The hosts, Sion and Belinda Hughes offered some valuable insights into improving the quality and efficiency of producing local provenance native tree seedlings.
Delamere Nursery
Growers and woodland professionals from Powys travelled to the Forestry Commission's nursery at Delamere on 25th June 2008. They were shown around the local sites producing tree seedlings, both bare-rooted and container-grown. Although the scale of production was very much greater than the smaller, local nurseries, Powys growers picked up amny useful tips and contacts which could be usefuly applied at their own scale.

Future Training Events

Forestry Commision Delamere Nursery Visit25 Jun 2008
The Man Who Planted Trees22 May 2008
Coed Llyn Nursery Visit22 Mar 2008
Collecting tree seed and growing native trees30 Sep 2007
CAT - Planting Native Trees24 Mar 2007
Collecting Seed from Native Trees - workshop11 Oct 2006
Collecting Seed from Native Trees - Workshop15 Sep 2006

If you have any other training needs or events in mind please contact us.

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