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Planting Native Trees for Biodiversity

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This part of the Native Trees Tree Nurseries of Powys project is dedicated to providing a list of useful resources for people looking to buy Native Trees or Grow Native Trees.
The document all listed below are available as PDF downloads which requires you to have Acrobat Reader installed on your PC. If you do not have a copy of Adobe Reader the please visit adobe.com for your free download.

Directory of Nurseries - Suppliers of Local Provenance Trees
Brochure - Tree Nurseries of Powys
Links and Useful Websites
Useful publications
Growing Native Trees from Seed - Tree Nursery Production Guide
Business Planning Workbook - for local provenance tree nurseries
Business Planning Workbook - for local provenance tree nurseries - WORD version
Worked examples - Business Planning Workbook
Blank worksheets - Business Planning Workbook
Tree Seed Provenance Map UK Regions
Native trees - Heights, Habitats and Growing Conditions
Glasu Feasability Study - Developing Local Provenance Tree Nurseries in Powys

Other useful publications
Raising Trees and Shrubs from Seed
A comprehensive and up to date publication from Forestry Commission, full of useful tips on how to successfully grow trees from seed, including technical information on tree seeds: collection, storage, overcoming dormancy, etc. Available as a free download, from:
Growing native trees from seed
A simple, colourful guide to growing some of the most common species from seed. Published by CCW/Gwynedd County Council. Available free of charge, from:
Autumn Seed Harvest Handbook.
A colourful booklet full of practical tips on collecting tree seed and what to do with it to ensure good germination. Published by BTCV/CVNI. Available as a free download.
Native Tree and Shrub leaflets.
Published by BTCV. Available as free downloads. Both of the above available from:


Our Trees.
Published by BTCV. A colourful A4 book covering all aspects of growing trees from seed in a practical, down to earth way. Price £6.50 including p & p. Available from:
CVNI Tree Nursery,
Dendron Lodge,
Clandeboye Estate,
BT19 1RN,
Tel: 028 9185 3570
The successful small tree nursery – A practical training manual: by Peter McCracken.
Price £27 including p & p. Available from the author at:
Taynuilt Trees,
Keepers Cottage,
PA35 1HY,
E mail: peter@treetrader.co.uk
The Good Seed Guide.
An illustrated guide to tree seed collection. Published by the Tree Council. Price £3.50. Available from:
The Tree Council,
71 Newcomen Street,
SE1 1YT,
Tel: 020 7407 9992
Fax: 020 7407 9908
Email: Info@treecouncil.org.uk
Forestry Commission Bulletin 111
Forest Nursery Practice. A comprehensive account of forest nursery planning, practice and management. Price £25.00
Forestry Commission Bulletin 59
Seed manual for ornamental trees and shrubs. A comprehensive technical book covering most deciduous species found in the UK. Price £10.95.
Forestry Commission Bulletin 83
Seed manual for forest trees. A comprehensive technical book covering most coniferous species found in the UK. Price £10.95
All three above are available from:
Forestry Commission,
PO Box 25,
West Yorkshire,
LS23 7EW,
Tel: 0870 121 4180
E mail: forestry@twoten.press.net
In addition, a wide variety of technical publications, many as free downloads are available from the Forestry Commission at:
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