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Tree Nurseries of Powys Association
TNoP is a registered trade association, formed in June 2008, which represents the interests of individual growers/members. For details of suppliers of native trees please see our growers directory.
Our aim:
To supply high-quaility, reasonably-priced native tree seedlings, which are of local provenance. To increase the use and awareness of local provenance trees (native tree seedlings grown from seed collected in the Mid-Wales area). Promoting the planting of appropriate, native trees, specifically local provenance tree seedlings.
Why Plant Native Trees and Shrubs of Local Provenance or Local Origin

Trees considered native to Wales, include a range of broadleaved species found in woodland situations (eg oak, ash, birch, willow, alder, etc) or hedgerows (eg hawthorn, hazel, blackthorn, field maple, etc).
There is now widespread appreciation of the environmental and economic advantages of planting native trees, rather than, for example non-native conifers.
Local provenance trees are native trees grown from locally collected seed.
Historically in Wales many planted native trees have been grown from seed collected from very different areas (either lowland UK, or worse from continental Europe).
 There are numerous environmental, economic and social benefits to planting local provenance trees:

The genetic makeup of local provenance native trees and shrubs ensures that they are better adapted to local conditions found in Wales. Planting better adapted trees ensures better survival rates, avoiding the costs of replanting. Trees grown from imported seed may differ significantly in important genetic characteristics, such as the time they come into leaf, flower and fruit, upsetting the fine balance between native trees and the wildlife they support. Sourcing trees and seeds locally reduces transport costs, reduces pollution and helps to safeguard local employment. Most agencies involved in tree planting, including Coed Cymru, Forestry Commission, C.C.W., Woodland Trust, Flora Locale, Highways Directorate of W.A.G. and Unitary Authorities now recommend using local provenance trees.
See our buyers and information sections for more details.
Glasu and the Powys Local Provenance Tree Nurseries Project
Tree Nurseries of Powys started life as a project funded through Glasu, between April 2005 and June 2008. 

From project to trade association:
Glasu was the EU LEADER+ programme for Powys and Mid-Wales, promoting innovative and sustainable rural development, which “add value” to natural products
This Glasu-supported project-funding ended in June 2008. Subsequently,the participating growers formed the Tree Nurseries of Powys Association, which now represents the interests of individual growers/members.
What the project did:
Business support for growers in Powys supplying local provenance tree seedlings and seed. Promoting the planting of appropriate, native trees, specifically local provenance tree seedlings.
How the project helped people?
Glasu’s Local Provenance Tree Nurseries Project supported growers producing native trees, grown from locally collected seed, through:
Funding to increase the capacity of growers to produce local provenance trees. Advice to growers on tree growing, provided by a full time Local Provenance Tree Coordinator. Training visits and technical advice. Coordinating the marketing of local provenance trees in Powys, for example: through supporting growers at trade shows. Support for collaboration between individual growers to reduce costs and improve marketing.
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